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12V17AH deep circulation battery for electric bicycles

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12V17AH deep circulation battery for electric bicyclesExtension method of the battery life of the base station

Based on the factors that cause the battery life of the base station, combined with the actual situation We provide a method of extending battery life.

1. Increase the power supply

For frequently-stop sites, by increasing the fixed oil machine or mobile oil machine to ensure that the battery can be supplemented in time after power failure, or avoiding the battery depth discharge. Sites for excessive frequently-powered electricity, in addition to the above methods, special batteries need to be taken to solve problems, such as using Gel batteries. GEL is more than 1.5 to 2 times higher than the number of AGMs in the life life. It is recommended to use a 2V battery in this site to avoid using 12V batteries.

For sites without AC electricity, the diesel generator is difficult to guarantee (oil prices and cannot be fuelful in time), which requires new power supply solutions to consider using solar power supply systems.

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