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12V18AH ternary lithium battery production process with electric wheelchair

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12V18AH ternary lithium battery production process with electric wheelchairCircuit features: The total voltage of both ends of the series circuit is equal to the sum of the voltage at both ends of the circuits. U = u1 + u2 + .. + un
In the parallel circuit, the voltage across the branches is equal. U = u1 = u2 = .. = un
4. Electric power: (1) Definition: Current intensive electrical power made in unit time. Expressed with symbol “P”. Significance: It is a physical quantity that represents a slow time.
(2) Unit: International unit – Watt (Wa) (W) Common units are also – kW (kW)
(3) Formula: Defined –P = W / T Determine -P = UI (because W = UIT = PT) Export -P = U2 / R = I2R (because P = Ui, I = U / R U = IR)
(4) Measurement: Voltammetry (Voltage Meter and Current Table) can also be measured by electric energy meter and stopwatch.
(5) Rated power and actual power: The usage of the appliance nameplate is usually rated voltage and rated power. If a lamp is marked with “PZ220-60”, “220V 60W”, etc., to know that R (because P = U2 / R so R = U2 / P), it can also be obtained from normal operation. Current I (because p = ui so i = p / u). The light of the lamp is determined to its actual power.
(6) Electrical power characteristics:
a. Electrical power characteristics: The total power consumption of series circuits and parallel circuits is equal to the sum of the power consumed by each appliance. That is p total = p1 + p2
b. Relationship between electrical power and resistance in series circuit: The power consumed by each electrical (resistance) in series circuits is proportional to its resistance. P1 / P2 = R1 / R2
C. Relationship between electric power and resistance in parallel circuit: The power consumed by each electrical (resistor) in parallel circuit is inversely proportional to its resistance. P1 / P2 = R2 / R1

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Overall design of the EPS system

As can be seen from the previous discussion, since the importance of EPS in practice, the highly reliable EPS system should be designed according to different use occasions, and a highly reliable design pattern is proposed below:

1. Improve the reliability of EPS inverter power supply

(1) The EPS host uses an integrated line design to ensure the harmonization of the hardware matching and software of the major functions.

(2) The inverter using EPS is in the launching state but does not output power. This allows the automatic detection software to repeatedly automatically inspect the inverter each work point, an abnormality, an immediate alarm, and timely troubleshooting. At the same time, the inverter can track the city’s phase at any time to ensure fast conversion.

(3) High-reliable automatic switching output switch (STS) instead of backward unreliable magnetoelectric switches, so that the market is inverted to achieve a fast and reliable conversion (conversion time

(4) Dual input power offload device can use an electromagnetically automatic / manual conversion switch (ATS) to rationalize the technical index of the entire system.


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