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12V90AH battery life factors for electric vehicles

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12V90AH battery life factors for electric vehiclesI. Suggestions on lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturing formulation:

LifePo4: SP: KS-6: PVDF: NMP = (90-92): (1-2): (2-1): (5-6) 🙁 120-140)

Second, mixed recommendations for ingredients of lithium iron phosphate battery:

1.) PVDF mother liquor formulation, 5% PVDF NMP solution, when dissolved PVDF mother liquor, must be fully dissolved, * Good energy (50-60 degrees) stir for one hour, and stand for 2 hours, make high The molecular chain is sufficiently stretched, and the film formation performance * is good.

2.) Add KS-6 to the configured mother liquor, and thoroughly wet and stir at high speed for 1 hour to make it sufficiently dispersed. The lubrication of the sheet graphite is prepared for the dispersion of the next SP and main material.

3.) In the above solution, SP is sufficiently wet, stirred at high speed for one hour, fully dispersed, stirred at low speed and evaporate, eliminate the addition introduced by SP.

4.) In the above solution, it is necessary to add a lithium iron phosphate, sufficient humid, high speed (3,500 rpm, line speed 350-500), then add half of the remaining material, stirred at high speed 60 Minute, add 20% -40% of the solid material mass

NMP, stirred for 30 minutes, after the viscosity was lowered, and the remaining material was added, stirred at high speed for 2-3 hours. Add the appropriate amount of NMP to adjust the viscosity of the slurry, stir slowly and evacuate.

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