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3 major structural characteristics of a poor liquid valve control battery

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3 major structural characteristics of a poor liquid valve control battery     (1) The electrolytic solution of the lean-type valve-controlled battery is all separated by the diaphragm and polar panel, and there is no flowless electrolyte inside the battery, and there is a space left in the diaphragm (i.e., a large hole) as oxygen from the positive electrode. The passage of the negative electrode is diffused to enable the battery to establish an oxygen circulation using initially, so there is no hydrogen-free gas escape through the exhaust valve. The initial use of colloidal batteries is similar to generally rich liquid, there is no oxygen circulation, and hydroxide gas is essential, and ventilation measures must be considered.

     (2) Ultrafine glass fiber diaphragm is used, the diameter is large, and the diaphragm is pressed, so that the ion conductive path is short, the resistance is small, so that the internal resistance of the battery is low. When the colloidal battery is mixed with silica sol and sulfuric acid, the electrolyte conductivity is deteriorated, and the internal resistance is increased, so the large current discharge of the poor cord valve-controlled battery. It is superior to colloidal cells. .

Some battery plants use a composite AGM partition based on the leancal valve-controlled battery. A small amount of PE hydrophobic fibers are added to the separator material, and the electrolyte can be higher than the top of the plate. After the battery is added, the continuous gas film is formed as an oxygen in the surface of the PE hydrophobic fiber as an oxygen, providing a good condition for oxygen, thereby extending the battery life. .

     (3) The electrolyte uniformity and diffusion of the lean fluid battery are superior to the colloidal battery. .

     The use of the lean liquid-type valve-controlled battery is: the manufacturing of the lean fluid type battery is required to maintain the consistency of the monomer pole, and the density of the acid density is reliability. Due to the close relationship between the service life and the ambient temperature, the battery room has a good ventilation facility. At the same time, the poor liquid valve control battery requires high charging quality, and the function is perfect, and the performance excellent performance is excellent. 


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