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6V7AH battery life factors for electric wheelchairs

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6V7AH battery life factors for electric wheelchairsElectric bicycle life mileage calculation method
The correct expression of the battery pack should be how much AH, AH is expressed in the AH expression. A is current ampere. H is time hours. Reflection is the product of current and time. Such as: 48V10AH battery pack Popular understanding The method is that the voltage of the battery pack operates at 1A in the case of 48V, and the current discharge of 1A can be placed in 10 hours or the current discharge of 10A can be placed one hour. .. If you understand this, you don’t understand the meaning of the above battery pack. . and the mileage standard is calculated as a simple description. It is 350W and the U represents the voltage 48V A represents the current.



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