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Accelerate electric vehicle battery standard

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Accelerate electric vehicle battery standardAt present, we are very important a task to accelerate the formulation of standard regulations, because electric vehicles can solve electricity problems, there will be standard problems. In fact, due to the performance, size, and even styling of electric vehicles, the standardization of battery standards is that the battery standardization is that we achieve high-volume production, and it is important to reduce the cost of electric vehicles.

We know, there are many different features, different sizes, will leave a standard size, or No. 1, or No. 2, or No. 7, or No. 5, but we now produce the battery. Easy, there are round, there are 3.5.

In the next step, continue to develop electric vehicles next steps, we need to build our own battery standards. Everyone can use a standard size to realize the standardization of the battery module. I think there is now a crisis. The domestic battery factory produces a five-flowers of the battery. If the joint venture comes in, I took the standard to that, and I finally used the standard of others. This will form a bigger blow to our existing battery factory, let us start early and fall. Therefore, we need to accelerate battery standards, which is very important.

There is also a phenomenon. Big passenger car driver against electric car. Because of their large part of the income is the oil subsidy of traditional fuel cars, using electric buses equivalent to reducing their income. So, I think if I will give it to the bus company, I will give the driver, so the promotion will happen.

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