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Advantages and disadvantages of cell-made lithium electricity and forklift lead-acid battery

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Advantages and disadvantages of cell-made lithium electricity and forklift lead-acid batteryIt is well known that lead-acid batteries have a history of more than 100 years. As the forklift of traction, it is mainly supported by opening and water supply, the product is mature, and there is any problem, in recent years, the rise of lithium batteries, thus promoting the application The scope is known for the public, but technology also needs to continue to update, whether there is a shortcoming of the battery, BMS management system, etc. Forklifts, iron towers and other scenes can be used, let’s introduce the advantages of the forkliver lithium battery than the lead-acid battery. What kind of advantage is there in the electric forklift to use a lithium battery than the battery? The lithium battery of the electric forklift is influenced by the universal of the charging equipment, the restrictions of the battery life, and is uncontrollable, and most lithium-electric cars are now used in commuter vehicles, electric maintenance vehicles, sanitation cleaning cars and short-term bus. Car and other scale. However, for the forklift because most of the homework is in the factory, the operation intensity and the environment are fixed, and the intensity of the work is strong, and many advantages of lithium batteries can be expressed in electric forklifts.

Benefits of lithium battery electric forklift: maintenance: no need to add water, no drip corrosion, etc., fast charging form, 1-3 hours fast charge form suitable multi-shift operation. That is, the time to replace the battery is more intimate, and the power is weak, and it can be used instead of the internal combustion. Skills monitor forklifts and battery conditions, electric forklifts, improve the level of forklifts. Increasing environmental protection, no pollution, no corrosion, lead-free. Because the lithium battery is compared to the traditional lead-acid battery, the advantage has a thousand autumn, so its use of the forklift career will have a strong impact on the original forklift mall, the presence of the forklift of the lithium battery is the rapid development of the logistics profession, demand Short charging time, long working hours, function is stable, can accept high-strength operations, automated intelligent, and high intelligent levels of spectacles, and the presence of lithium batteries has increased a highlight of the forklift career.

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