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Analysis of the cause of the exhaust of the active material of the battery polar plate

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Analysis of the cause of the exhaust of the active material of the battery polar plateThe active substance of the battery polar plate is inevitable during use, and if it is rapidly falling off, it is a fatal failure of the battery. A large amount of active material falls off, the discharge device detects the voltage below 1.5V and is unstable. During the charging process, there can be brown particles in the electrolyte, and the electrolyte “boiling” is more early, and the charging time is greatly shortened. .
The main reasons for the falling of battery polar active substances:
1, the charging current is too large, especially if the charging current is maintained at the end of the charging, due to the excessive chemical reaction, causing a large amount of bubbles from the active material pores, so that the active substance is detached.
2, often overheelectric, so that the active substance is oxidized, the grid is corroded, causing the active substance to fall off.
3, often discharge, so that most of the active substances produces sulfate, the volume expansion is loose and easy to fall off.
4, the large current discharge time is too long, causing a polar bending deformed to reduce the adhesion of the active substance on the grid.
5, the battery is installed in the car, and the electrolyte density will cause a large amount of detachment of the active substance.

To prevent the occurrence of the fault, it should be: the electrolyte density should meet the requirements, that is, it is not too high, it is not too low; correctly adjust the limit voltage of the generator; select the appropriate charging current to prevent overcharge; Don’t be too long, it should be supplemented in time when the storage is insufficient; the installation is secure in the car, the pole column and the connection are loose, and it is strictly forbidden.

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