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Are there any factors that are unfavorable to batteries?

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Are there any factors that are unfavorable to batteries?


Are there any factors that are unfavorable to batteries? There are many factors that are unfavorable to batteries, mainly in the charge and discharge stage.
(1) The “Double Super” discharge stage is mainly the discharge current value, that is, long-term exceeding the allowable current value discharge; the second problem of discharge is over-discharge, that is, the amount of discharge allowed by the battery is called “two super”, for the battery The life is very harmful.


(2) “Two”, “two owes” charging stages have “two”, “two owes”.
a. “Two”: One is overcharge; once it is the lead-acid battery for excessive long time, it does not replenish energy.


b. “Two owed”: An owed lead-acid battery is under charge, the battery is often filled, and it is not a timely reduction after the polar is vulcanized. It is a lead-acid battery extremely taboo; the other is a single line in the battery pack.


Underberanding, causing the degree of discharge level and the degree of charging between each single battery in a set of batteries, the more and more increasingly incarrow, and the inclination is more and more. Affect the life of the entire battery pack, also increases to your economic expenditure.


“Two” and “two owes” are the big enemies of the battery. But “two” and “two owes” are caused by people, and the problem is also more complicated, there are many reasons, from selection, use maintenance, controller and charger matching rationality, timely battery failure causes Testing, etc., they are associated with each other.


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