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At present, the automobile lead-acid battery peak season is close to the end

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At present, the automobile lead-acid battery peak season is close to the endAt present, the automotive lead-acid battery peak season is close to the end, and the order is gradually normal, and the situation in the peak season this year does not expect, the start-type lead battery sales are not prosperous.

At present, there is no active emotion of automobile lead-acid battery companies, except for lead price instability, more mainly to lower the downstream automotive industry. In addition, the factors currently restricting the production of downstream battery companies are: on the one hand, the use of industrial shortage, due to the continuous rise in the coastal area of ​​the eastern part, and the workers’ wages have increased, many of the staff members will hop from the wages, and the downstream enterprises are concentrated. Zhejiang, Guangdong, etc. are reflected; on the other hand, the cause of environmental inspections in last year has increased the production cost of lead-acid battery enterprises, and the company’s pressure is heavy, which in turn affects its operating rate, and reduces colonial lead demand. At present, Shandong and Hebei environmental protection checks continued.

Recently, the car sales data released by the China Automotive Industry Association has shown that in January, the automotive production and sales have completed 1299,400, and fell by 23.2% and 17.75%, respectively, down 27.47 and 26.39 percentage points, which respectively decreased respectively. The start-type lead-acid battery company is presented“The peak season is not prosperous, the off-season is even more light”Pattern. 


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