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Auto battery also has a university

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Auto battery also has a universityGood habits are the most important

In fact, buying the battery is just the first step, how to develop good usage habits in the future. Maybe there will be a car owner to ask questions: If you drive, you will have a good habit of saving oil. How did you hear that the battery will have a good usage habit? In fact, this is related to the characteristics of the battery. Experts introduce, as mentioned above, if the battery is not used, it will discharge itself. And if the discharge is too long, finally causes insufficient battery power or simply. Such consequences will cause cars that can’t start.

What if I go this step? Experts say this time“Ride charging”That is, the battery is connected to the car to charge. But if you really put it too long, if you have completely no electricity, then“Ride charging”If you can’t, you can only take the battery, and use the charger to charge it.

In order to avoid this situation, how to maintain it, it is very important to develop good usage habits. The key to maintenance is to do not often allow the battery to be in a long time discharge.“If it is often in a state in which the battery is not fully charged, the life of the battery will definitely be shortened.”Therefore, experts suggest that if you know that you will not drive for a long time, it is best to play the car every ten days, then wait a dozen minutes, so that the battery is fully charged. I usually drive, I want to see if it is often only a short walk from the city.“If it is just a long-term urban area, just more than ten kilometers, it is easy to be bad because it is often charged.”Therefore, if this is the case, it is best to run long distances every other time. 


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