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Battery discharge state process

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Battery discharge state processBattery discharge is the process of depositing the chemical energy stored in the battery in power mode, that is, the battery is transported to the outside circuit. The discharge parameters of the battery have mainly discharged depth, discharge rate, and continuous discharge time.

The discharge depth refers to the current discharge state of the battery, represented by the percentage of the actual discharge capacity to the rated capacity. The discharge rate refers to the rate at which the discharge is discharged, the usual time rate or magnification is expressed.

The time rate refers to the number of hours required for a certain amount of discharge current amplifies the rated capacity, and the magnification is a multiple of the numerical value and the rated value of the current when the rated capacity is released.

A continuous discharge time refers to the time that the battery is not disconnected to the termination voltage at the beginning of the battery. The discharge method is divided into working conditions discharge, magnification discharge, depth discharge, constant current discharge, and constant power discharge. 


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