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Battery in data center device

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Battery in data center deviceThe battery has been widely used in the data center, because most of the data center is an electronic device that needs to be powered, and the sustainability of the business is very high, so that the battery is required as a backup supply or long-term supply. power supply. Of course, there are many risks in a large number of batteries. Once a battery is faulty, the internal electrolyte is easy to cause a short circuit of the peripheral device, and the lithium battery has long exposed to surface oxidation in a bad environment, causing power supply failure, and it is easy to bring a failure to the peripheral device. The power supply capacity of the battery increases with the increase of the charge and discharge, and the power supply time is gradually shortened, so that it is not possible to supply it normally. There are also some new battery technology, due to the imperfect technical accumulation, there is often a disaster consequence to use the equipment after fault. In short, the battery has a good side, and there is also a poor side, and it is not possible to use a battery in the data center. In general, for some large and medium-sized equipment, there is three or three or three The following is suitable, which reduces the risk point of excessive use of battery. For small devices, it is recommended to use a battery or not for use, some functions must not be completed by battery power, requiring a comprehensive assessment of the risk of introducing the battery, with the premise of equipment operation stability, and conditionally perform battery selection, At this time, pay attention to selecting the correct battery type, add more features to the device through reasonable use of batteries. The wonderful use of the battery on the data center device will be more and more.

Battery has been widely used in all walks of life, large to air equipment, small to mobile phones, calls, need to use batteries, our lives have long been inseparable from battery. The battery has gone through more than a hundred years from the birth of a very old technology. As early as 1859, French scientist Lekrang as a negative electrode of zinc, manganese dioxide as a positive electrode,“Ammonium chloride”For the electrolytic solution, the prototype of a dry battery has been successfully developed, which has been widely used until today’s dry battery. Of course, technology has developed to today, more and more batteries, such as dry batteries, batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, temperature difference batteries, lithium batteries, nuclear batteries, etc. With the progress of technology, I believe there will be new battery varieties. Continuously develop. Regardless of which battery, what is the extent, the difference is only the way the energy is generated, and its role is the same, and it is ultimately providing stable electrical energy to external devices.

The data center industry has developed very quickly. The equipment carrying pressure of the data center machine room is gradually expanded. The number of power supplies such as high-frequency switching power supply and uninterruptible power supply has also increased sharply, so that the battery has been widely used, in data The application of battery batteries is very popular. Typically, the battery is used as a backup power source for the data center, and is used as an emergency power when the data center is powered off. Compared with ordinary batteries, it is not a disposable article, which can be repeatedly charged, but with the increase of the number of uses, the time continuous supply time will be shortened. In addition, the battery technology has also been widely used in the equipment running in the data center to better implement the device function. Let’s focus on the battery seconds in the data center equipment. In addition to powering the equipment, the battery is of course more. Many data center devices can be implemented by installing the battery, and one of the best description is the runtime date of the device. When we complete the device time setting, it is still accurate even if the device is turned on several months, so it is still possible to protect the device.

The function of the device running time record is done by the battery. A clock chip is typically placed inside the device. This clock chip can be powered by a built-in power supply, which can be powered by an external battery. The battery is maintained to maintain the normal operation of the clock chip. When the device is turned on, it can be obtained to get the correct time, general This battery can work for 10 years, belonging to disposable supplies, which is much higher than the service life of the device. There are also many high-end devices to record a lot of detailed equipment running information so that you can use these information to find faults, especially after the device fails, this is like a plane“Black box”Same, many electronic devices will disappear after the information recorded after power-off, so adding a lithium battery for these electronic devices, powering through a lithium battery to ensure that the records are not lost.

In some devices, since the entire device input is usually 220V communication city electricity, there are only a few volts that have a lot of function on the device, and the required voltage is different. If you want these functions, you need to pass multiple times. Electrical energy conversion, such as an electronic display screen of a large air conditioner, can be called by phone, and the emergency light in the data center machine room is required to supply power to these functional devices. There are also many mobile portable devices, such as multimeters, electronic oscilloscopes, thermometers, humidity, electric pens, etc., can be powered by batteries. It can be seen that the battery is quite wide in the data center device.

The built-in battery of the laptop allows the notebook to continue working in the case without an external input power supply, which provides a very convenient use for the user, even if there is a power outage during use, the built-in battery can also take it immediately. Work, ensure that the notebook continues to run. Huawei released a data center network device with similar functions, which is also a switch with a built-in battery with a built-in battery. The data center requires almost no interruption of operations throughout the year. The power failure of network devices means that the business interruption and economic losses are expensive. Because the price of UPS power equipment is expensive, it is impossible to give all devices for data centers. All equipment is equipped with UPS power supply, which is often unexpected Power supply interruption will bring losses to the data center. Since the battery technology has long been mature, the price is getting cheaper, which allows the battery to make a better role in the data center. Without electricity, power supply is unstable, set up a temporary emergency network, etc., this network equipment has a land. The cost of using the battery is negligible for the entire network device, so in some important data centers, considering cost factors, using network devices with built-in batteries are a good choice. 


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