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Bottle maintenance

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Bottle maintenanceDuring the operation of the vehicle, since the power of the engine becomes larger and the complex electrical energy of the car needs to consume a large amount of electrical energy, maintaining the reliable charge and discharge balance of the vehicle electrical system becomes particularly difficult, and busy traffic is busy. This situation is more obvious when driving in the city. During the parking process of the vehicle, due to the self-discharge effect of the battery itself, the sleep current required to theft and the anti-theft, there is always a certain current consumption. The vehicle will be damaged by the vehicle for a long time without charging. The characteristics of the battery determine whether to check and maintain regularly, the operation is as follows:
1) Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to periodically check the liquid level height of the electrolyte, and supplement distilled water to maximum scale.
2) In order to reduce the battery self-discharge, the outer surface of the battery should be kept clean and dry.
3) For the normal use, the electrolyte density or open circuit should be periodically checked. When the electrolyte density is less than 1.2g / ml or the open circuit voltage is below 12.3V, the battery should be recharged to 12.7V.
4) If the vehicle is idle for two weeks, it is recommended to disconnect or close the battery main switch in the battery; if you are idle for two months, the battery should be removed.

5) The battery should be stored in a place higher than -10 ¡ã C and below 35 ¡ã C, charge it at least every March.

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