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Browse the equipment of the sightseeing battery

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Browse the equipment of the sightseeing batteryBrowse the storage power of the sightseeing battery for future use. Browsing sightseeing batteries are devices consisting of two substances and electrolytes having conductivity differences. By an electrochemical reaction, the battery can store and release electrical energy. In a typical lead-acid battery, each cell has a voltage of about 2 volts, a total of 6 cells, respect to a 12 volt voltage. When any load, such as broadcasting, when connected to the battery, the positive and negative end post is formed, thereby generating a current.
Most people have not realized that the return of sightseeing batteries is in a sustained charge and discharge state. When browsing the sightseeing battery is connected to equipment that requires electricity, such as automotive engines, current will output from the browsing sightseeing battery. At this time, browse the sightseeing battery starts to discharge.
When the car is operating, the generator is powered by the browsing sightseeing battery, browsing the sightseeing battery in the charging process. When the battery is discharged, the active substance on the plate is more active. In the end, the power is exhausted, and the current cannot be output. 


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