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Cellular maintenance of electric forklifts

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Cellular maintenance of electric forkliftsEnvironmental, non-polluting, noise small into the current goal of today’s business, whether it is a factory workshop or a warehouse or a port port, the electric forklift has received the attention of the company with these characteristics, and more need to pay attention to the main components of the battery. Maintenance, as follows:
A, often add some pure water or distilled water to the battery.
B, the electric forklift that is usually not used is filled with electricity and holds charge for 1 to 2 months.
C. The electric forklift continuity is very large for the battery, and there is a spare battery.
D, in order not to cause overvoltage generated by the charger to the chopper, the battery must be completely detached from the chopper when charging.
E. The battery of the electric forklift must not be placed, and if the electrolyte of the transfusion battery is easy to flow.
F, Entry to stack the motor forklift transition caused by loss of water to choose the intelligent phased charger.
G, use high-efficiency electric hub systems to reduce operating current.
H, there is a planned charging, maintaining a reasonable charging frequency, such as one day and one charge or two days.

I, electric forklifts must not be stored.

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