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Communication power system 12V120AHSLA seal battery capacity detection method

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Communication power system 12V120AHSLA seal battery capacity detection methodFoshan Jinyin River Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Director, Vice President, Vice President, in the ABEC 2019 Forum, the topic of “Lithium Battery Electrode Intelligent Manufacturing Advanced Method”, shared the status quo of lithium battery equipment industry, lithium battery industry patents Application and growth, etc.

OPZV, OPZS battery manufacturer: Wuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd., the production of the tube-type battery uses the US import partition, the German import colloid, good quality, excellent price.

稂 稂 飞 said that there are several obvious trends in the field of lithium battery equipment this year: lithium power battery production equipment will become the focus of industry development, lithium battery production equipment to integrated development, automated production capacity, replacement of domestic equipment to import equipment The effect is getting more and more obvious.

The gold and silver river mainly produces battery slurry spiral mixing automatic production line, positive and negative positive feed system, mixer, high-speed homogenizing machine, coater, roller pressure strip, and other lithium battery front end automation intelligent equipment.

To this end, the Qingyuan Environmental Policy broke the traditional model of the previous Environmental Protection Bureau to transfer the case. After the public security organs, the traditional model of the investigation, through the establishment of the task force, introduced, and organized the criminal investment technician will be related to the environmental protection bureau, traces and the scene A meticulous exploration is collected, and then the solid waste is immediately organized to avoid further pollution of the local environment. At the beginning of 2016, there were masses reported in the water near Qingyuan High Railway Station, some people were illegally dumped into industrial wastewater. After the sample was detected, it was found that the wastewater contained a large amount of toxic volatile phenol organic, exceeding the standard limit of nearly 170 times. Qingyuan Environmental Protection Police immediately set up a task force, and the joint environmental protection and other departments rushed to the scene in order to carry out on-site investigation, collect evidence, etc.

稂 稂 飞 said that the production process of lithium battery is complex, according to the manufacturing process of the lithium battery, the lithium battery production process can be divided into front end, mid-end and back end three sections, corresponding front-end equipment, gold and silver river lithium battery equipment in production process In terms of performance design, there is a need to constantly adapt to new processes, new technologies and new development of lithium batteries, and the process details of lithium battery manufacturing are integrated into equipment design and manufacturing.

Wuxi Huizhong is a company specializing in the production of OPZS tube-type batteries. The OPZS model is complete, the price is low, the quality is good, the after-sales service is timely, and the delivery is timely.

The front end process is a polar film, mainly including stirring, coating, roll pressure, slitting and extreme ear molding, and Xiangfei believes that from the value of the value, stirring, the coating has a value of about 80%.

Huizhong Valve Control Sealed Lead Acid Battery The voltage of 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 1.2V, 3V, 3.2V, 3.6V, 3.7V, 11.1V, 12.8V Wait

“It is this reason, Jin Yinhe vigorously improved these two modules.” Xiangxiangfei said, “The company’s automatic slurry screw production line began in the lithium industry in the lithium industry in 2013. In China, in China, nearly 6 years experience, currently The 78 line is normal production, 65 machines, 75 machines, 95 machines, 125 machines and other models, in the industry’s first in the industry; since 2006 began in the field of organic silicon and polymer materials, domestic first, 13 years of experience accumulation, total More than 130 lines are in normal use, there are 65 machines, 75 machines, 95 machines, 115, 125 machines and other models, in the first place in the industry. “



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