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Communication power system attention to capacity and voltage of 12V24AHVRLA battery

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Communication power system attention to capacity and voltage of 12V24AHVRLA batteryCan you charge a protective board? At present, with the development of new energy ships, the lithium iron phosphate battery is applicable to a wide range of hybrid ships. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have high energy, width operating temperature range, smooth operating voltage, and long storage life. However, the lithium iron phosphate battery also exists in a harsh environment may occur in unstable problems such as fire. So, is the lithium iron phosphate battery need to be charged with a protective plate?

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What is a lithium iron phosphate battery protective board?

Lithium iron phosphate battery protective plate, as the name implies is to protect lithium batteries. The lithium battery protective plate is for it does not have excessive, overlapping, overcurrent protection, short circuit, etc., and some will also install smart chips, record the use of batteries and status.

The lithium phosphate battery protective plate is a charge and discharge protection of the serial lithium battery pack, detecting the various protection, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overall temperature state, protecting the battery life of the battery in the battery. If the battery is discharged, the protective plate will cause the electric damage to cause battery damage. This adds a layer of protection barrier to lithium batteries to make the lithium battery pack safer and extend service life. If there is no protective board, the battery life is not only affected, but also a serious situation will also occur.


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