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Communication power system uses 12V5AH deep circulation battery usage

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Communication power system uses 12V5AH deep circulation battery usage2019 China’s dynamic lithium-ion battery company installed capacity top 20 release

According to the statistical analysis of the Power Battery Application Branch of China Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, 79 new energy vehicles in China, my country’s new energy vehicles have a total of 13, which have been reduced by 13 in 2018, and the power battery industry wash further intensified. Comparison 2018 top 10, Beijing Guolong, Kahexin Energy fell out of the top 10 list, other 8 power battery companies still stably in the top 10 rows, the times, SAIC, Xinwangda ranks in the top 10 rows, head competition pattern Relatively stable.

OPZV, OPZS battery manufacturer: Wuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd., the production of the tube-type battery uses the US import partition, the German import colloid, good quality, excellent price.
In 2019, my country’s new energy vehicle dynamic lithium-ion battery installed capacity was 62.2 GWH, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year. From the perspective of moonlight, the amount of new energy vehicle power battery installed is also affected under the stress of subsidies. Since August, the power battery installed has been negative for 5 consecutive months.

From the battery type, the 2019 three-yuan power battery installed capacity is 40.5GWh, which has increased by 22.4% year-on-year, accounting for 65.2% of the total assembly machine. It has increased nearly 7 percentage points in 2018, and there are 64 companies to provide support; lithium iron phosphate power battery The installed volume is 20.8GWh, which is 6.35% year-on-year, accounting for 33.4% of the total assembly machine, which is nearly 6 percentage points in 2018, and a total of 38 enterprises provide supporting; other battery type installed volume 0.9GWH, total than 1.4%, of which The lithium manganate battery is 0.504GWH, accounting for 0.81% ratio; the lithium titanate battery is 0.382GWH, accounting for 0.61%. 98% of the three-dimensional power battery is supported on a passenger car with a loader of 39.6GWH. Lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate power cells are mainly supporting passenger cars, with 13.8GWh and 0.4GWH, respectively, accounting for 66% and 78% of their respective installed volumes.

Although the relevant departments were not confirmed, they did not disclose. Self-employed persons interviewed by the 21st century economic report reporter said that the possibility of dual integral policy delay is very large. On September 10, a senior industry said: “In the face of the upcoming dual integral policies, most of the domestic enterprises are not sufficiently fact, but now discussing whether the delay is not big, the key is that the autonomous car company should How to deal with the market changes brought about by policy. “The reason why the double-point policy is implemented, the main reason is that the dual integration policy is officially introduced, it is likely to change the competitive pattern of the China Auto Market. 


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