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Communication power system uses 2V500AH battery life factors

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Communication power system uses 2V500AH battery life factorsThe power battery industry has a large wind gate. Many companies have undergone a big future. As the lithium-selling lottery Wastma has retreats, many companies are turbulent in the wind and rain. I don’t know if the next second will hit the small boat. Watma used to be one of China * I have successfully developed and develop a powerful battery, and took the lead in achieving scale production and batch applications. He has ranked first in the top three of China’s powertrain, and Ningde Times, BYD is called “Power Battery “Three giants”, now it is eliminated, Watma is really hard.

The main parameters of Wuxi Huizhong batteries have capacity, rated capacity, voltage, open circuit voltage, charging voltage, termination voltage, power, life, discharge time, charging time
All transactions originated in a “marriage” in 2016. At that time, Rare Wo can spend 5.2 billion to acquire 10% equity of Watma, so that Rilevo can have no two winds, realize the transformation from the fire industry to new energy battery industry . In 2018, a banner of “supply and discussing hard-earned money” appeared in front of Waterma headquarters, torn off the hidden hidden worrying.
Hui Zhibu battery after-sales service contact: after-sales service phone: 0510-81813146 025-56612958 official website: November 13, 2019 The court has officially accepted the Watma bankruptcy liquidation. From the 2015 Waterma Battery Domestic Market share, 26.6% to the 2019 bankruptcy auction, less than four years. After Nanke has a dream, Denoro can revive the flag drum.
Huizhong brand battery after-sales service contact: after-sales service phone: 0510-81813146 025-56612958 official website:
On August 13th, I received a transfer company, the Office of the Shuigang District Regional Management Committee (DSING) is headed, and the Shuimu District Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Market Management Bureau, the Construction Bureau, the Law Enforcement Bureau and Nanhuei Road District Management Committee It has formed a joint law enforcement team, “” Problem is dealt with very fast, during the renovation process, the community also sent cadres to stare every day, and also put the future planning map of the reservoir to the community, all work accepted our supervision, Special attitude. “. At the Xinjiang Hualing Jade Trading Market, the Xinjiang Hualu Jade Trading Market near Hefei North Road, Urumqi City, some merchants have dirty water and animal feces during operation, and the environment is inconvenient to surrounding merchants and customers. On December 29th, the second creditor meeting and the investor group meeting were held on December 27th, “Reorganization Plan (Draft)”, “Investor Rights Adjustment Program” received the meeting, on the same day, The Rickworth manager submitted the “Application for Ruking Approval Reforming Plan” to the Intermediate People’s Court of Shaanxi Province, and Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court made a “civil ruling”, approve the Rare Vewro-reorganization plan. In the past two years, the debt crisis finally welcomed the first-line transfer, the act of Rare Wo, and the act of implementing the reforming plan for debt will have a net profit in Jen Rilevo, and the net assets at the end of 2019 have a certain impact. Data is subject to audited financial statements.
Participation: Sina Finance Newspaper “2017 China Banking Development Forum and the 5th Bank Comprehensive Selection Award Ceremony” is scheduled to be held in Westin, Beijing, Beijing Financial Street, stay tuned . [Registration Entrance] Business Society August 17th, Russian Energy Minister Novak said on 24th that the crude oil production agreement may continue to extend according to the needs of balanced markets. Oil Transportation Country Organization (OPEC) and Non-Overk’s Oil Country Ministerial Supervision Committee meeting was held on St. Petersburg, Russia on 24th. According to Russian media reports, Novique said at the same day. In the first 6 months of this year, Russia and other participation in the reduction in production rate of crude oil reduction countries reached 98%.

On December 10th, Rare Wo, Manager and Changde ZTE Investment Management Center (limited partnership) signed a reforming investment agreement to determine Changde Zenxing as a reorganized investor in Rare Wo. The agreement shows that Changde ZTE and its designated financial investors will participate in the reforming investors to participate in the reorganization of Rare Wo, assist the Rare Wo to complete the reforming target. Through the resurgered investors through the resurgence of Rare Wo, there are conditions that are allowed to implement the share of the shares formed by the capital province to transfer the share share shares formed by the capital reserve, and the acquisition of Rare Wo can be 610 million yuan of credit assets. A total of Jen Rilevo can provide 71 million yuan. This “end of the day rebirth” A particularly positive role.



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