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Cropper 12V90AH lead-acid battery technology information

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Cropper 12V90AH lead-acid battery technology informationThe power battery industry has a large wind gate. Many companies have undergone a big future. As the lithium-selling lottery Wastma has retreats, many companies are turbulent in the wind and rain. I don’t know if the next second will hit the small boat. Watma used to be one of China * I have successfully developed and develop a powerful battery, and took the lead in achieving scale production and batch applications. He has ranked first in the top three of China’s powertrain, and Ningde Times, BYD is called “Power Battery “Three giants”, now it is eliminated, Watma is really hard.

Nanjing Xiahua Electronics Co., Ltd. Production: Battery, lead-acid battery, colloidal battery, solar storage battery, tube battery, dry battery, lithium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, cadmium battery.
All transactions originated in a “marriage” in 2016. At that time, Rare Wo can spend 5.2 billion to acquire 10% equity of Watma, so that Rilevo can have no two winds, realize the transformation from the fire industry to new energy battery industry . In 2018, a banner of “supply and discussing hard-earned money” appeared in front of Waterma headquarters, torn off the hidden hidden worrying.
On November 13, 2019, Watma Diki Rilevo released the announcement, Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court has officially accepts the Watma bankruptcy liquidation. From the 2015 Waterma Battery Domestic Market share, 26.6% to the 2019 bankruptcy auction, less than four years. After Nanke has a dream, Denoro can revive the flag drum.
Wuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd. has a large sealed lead-acid battery capacity: 2V200AH, 2V250AH, 2V300AH, 2V350AH, 2V600AH, 2V800AH, 2V1000AH, 2V1800AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V3000AH, 2V4000AH.
According to the British Reuters, reports on August 30, sources said that * the final plan for plug-in electric vehicle sales quotas may be launched within a few days or weeks. However, the sources said that it will wait until 2019, it is officially executed, more than a year. Since the matter is sensitive, the news is not willing to be famous, and the situation may still be changed. According to reports, global automakers have sent a letter to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in June, urged softening to so-called new energy vehicles. NEV covers all electric vehicles, mainly in plug-in hybrid vehicles. In order to alleviate air pollution and close the gap between domestic automakers and global competitors, China is designed for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and I hope that at least in 2025 can account for one-fifth of China’s sales. On December 29th, the second creditor meeting and the investor group meeting were held on December 27th, “Reorganization Plan (Draft)”, “Investor Rights Adjustment Program” received the meeting, on the same day, The Rickworth manager submitted the “Application for Ruking Approval Reforming Plan” to the Intermediate People’s Court of Shaanxi Province, and Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court made a “civil ruling”, approve the Rare Vewro-reorganization plan. In the past two years, the debt crisis finally welcomed the first-line transfer, the act of Rare Wo, and the act of implementing the reforming plan for debt will have a net profit in Jen Rilevo, and the net assets at the end of 2019 have a certain impact. Data is subject to audited financial statements.
However, large-scale production has caused great environmental pollution, mainly solid slag and smoke pollution. To this end, Barikun has been eliminated, integrated and environmentally friendly facilities in 2010. * There are six companies that meet the environmental protection requirements of the environmental protection (excluding the Hongshan Chemical of the Corps). In 2013, against the increasing environmental protection requirements, Barry Kun launched the reform of the chemical enterprises with marabrit and the resources of Glabra resources, the purpose is to prepare for * finally exit. At the end of last year, the county was discontinued by chemical enterprises that were not reached, requiring companies to upgrade environmental protection facilities in accordance with new environmental standards.
Wuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd. has a large sealed lead-acid battery capacity: 2V200AH, 2V250AH, 2V300AH, 2V350AH, 2V600AH, 2V800AH, 2V1000AH, 2V1800AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V2000AH, 2V2500AH, 2V3000AH, 2V4000AH.
On December 10th, Rare Wo, Manager and Changde ZTE Investment Management Center (limited partnership) signed a reforming investment agreement to determine Changde Zenxing as a reorganized investor in Rare Wo. The agreement shows that Changde ZTE and its designated financial investors will participate in the reforming investors to participate in the reorganization of Rare Wo, assist the Rare Wo to complete the reforming target. Through the resurgered investors through the resurgence of Rare Wo, there are conditions that are allowed to implement the share of the shares formed by the capital province to transfer the share share shares formed by the capital reserve, and the acquisition of Rare Wo can be 610 million yuan of credit assets. A total of Jen Rilevo can provide 71 million yuan. This “end of the day rebirth” A particularly positive role.



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