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DC screen use 12V24AH lead-acid battery technology information

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DC screen use 12V24AH lead-acid battery technology informationTian Xiaobo made a topic presentation entitled “Looking at the Future Trend of Japan and South Korea Baking Process” in the ABEC 2019 Forum, sharing the dynamic battery vacuum drying background, vacuum drying equipment classification and status quo, vacuum drying equipment development trend, battery The net collection has been selected from the reading of the reader:

Tian Xiaobo said that the positive material has strong water absorption, the main source of the moisture content, and the impact of moisture on the performance of the power battery is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

First, the first charge and discharge capacity: When the water is less than 0.015% in the battery, the battery first discharge capacity is in accordance with the national standard and has a small change; when the battery moisture is in the range of 0.015% ~ 0.04%, the battery first discharge capacity with the battery in the battery. Increase and decrease.

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The second is to affect the internal resistance: When the moisture content is more than the required content of the SEI film, POF3 and LIF precipitation are generated on the SEI membrane surface, resulting in an increase in battery internal resistance.

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Third, it affects battery capacity: moisture content affects the properties of the battery SEI film, such as uniformity and denseness, etc. .

Huizhong – Huizhong brand OPZV tube colloidal battery main components: Polar material 1 # Electrolysis lead, separator is an imported partition for the United States, colloid is German import colloid.

Lithium battery vacuum drying equipment is mainly divided into three ways: one is operating pressure, divided into normal pressure drying equipment and vacuum drying equipment. The second is to operate, divided into batch drying equipment and continuous drying equipment. Third, heating mode is divided into pair flow heating equipment, conducting heating equipment, radiation heating equipment, dielectric heating equipment.



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