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DC screen use 12V250AH ternary lithium battery production process

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DC screen use 12V250AH ternary lithium battery production processFrom the experience of developing and producing lithium-ion batteries, Japan is a lithium-ion battery * early commercialized country, and has always occupied high-end lithium-ion battery market. Although the United States leads to some basic research, there is no large lithium-ion battery manufacturer so far. Therefore, Japan’s choice of modified lithium manganate as a power-based lithium ion battery positive material is more principle. Even in the United States, the manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate as a power-based lithium ion battery positive material is also half. In view of the above problems in lithium iron phosphate, it is difficult to obtain a wide range of applications in the field of new energy vehicles such as the positive material of the powered lithium-ion battery. If you can solve the problem of high temperature cycle and storage performance of lithium manganate, with its low cost and high-magnification performance, the application in power-based lithium ion batteries will have huge potential.

Nanjing Xiahua Company produced Huizhou card OPZS tube-type battery main model: OPZS-200, OPZS-250, OPZS-400, OPZS-500, OPZS-600, OPZS-800, OPZS -1000, OPZS-1200, OPZS-1500, OPZS-2000, OPZS-3000
On the morning of September 2, Governor Li Guoying came to Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center to investigate 2017 (Hefei) International New Energy and Energy Saving Automobile Exhibition. He emphasizes that we must give full play to our province’s new energy automobile industry advantage, further enhance the level and level of the exhibition, build a better platform for exhibition, exchange cooperation, and promote application, and promote our province’s new energy and energy-saving automotive industry. powerful. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee, Song Guolin, the Provincial Government Secretary-General, accompanied him. (Hefei) International New Energy and Energy Saving Automobile Exhibition has been held for five consecutive, which is the professionalism, authority, international exhibition, held in my country *.
Tianjin Zhizhen is a subsidiary of China Electronic Technology Group, and its power battery production base is located in Tianjin, and plans to build a new power battery production base in Wuhan, Qingdao and other places. Its power battery products cover lithium iron phosphate square and cylindrical, three yuan square and cylindrical, current effective capacity is about 1GWH, main customers include Jianghuai, Geely, FAW, Dongfeng Auto, Nanjing Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlong, Zhongtong Bus, Tianjin Qing source, etc. In the first half of 2015, its power battery business revenue was approximately 570 million yuan.

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