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DC screen use 12V45AAGM battery specifications and models

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DC screen use 12V45AAGM battery specifications and modelsSolve the way: high quality development

Although the industry is experiencing the pain of shuffling, most of the industry in the forum still has an optimistic attitude towards the future.

“Overall, the industry is optimistic about the public opinion, wind direction and confidence in the new energy battery industry, and the industrial scene will still rise in the adjustment of spiral rise, an emerging industry technology and market progress and breakthroughs, product iteration and improvement, supporting foundation The construction and improvement of the facilities are increasingly presenting. “Said the deputy secretary general of the battery” Davos “Organizing Committee, said that on the road to the development of the new energy battery industry, it is inevitable to experience all kinds of” growing troubles “, only” firm confidence “. Promoting high quality development is king.

How to achieve high quality development in the industry? The discussion topics from industry, industry entrepreneurs, experts, fund investors, etc., are not left “Safety”.

In the view, the current problem of China’s power battery industry is safe and reliability. Since 2019, new energy car safety accidents have frequently sent, from May to July this year, 79 safety accidents were discovered in only three months. It is not simply caused by subsidizing a surrendering, key issues in the technical aspects of the battery.

Wuxi Huizhong, Nanjing Xia Hua, Wuxi 


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