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DC screen uses 12V20AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules

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DC screen uses 12V20AH deep circulation battery maintenance rulesEPS topology design is not a simple combination

Some people think: EPS (electronic part) = rectified / charger + inverter + output conversion switch (kit) + control unit and other components can constitute a emergency power supply. Nice, the basic unit of the EPS is composed of the above part, but in order to meet the whole machine reliability (MTBF), how the reliability of each basic unit is * reasonable? The following formula tells us: EPSMTBF = (Rectifier / Charger) MTBF + (inverter) MTBF + (Conversion Switch) MTBF + (Control Unit) MTBF
As can be seen from the above formula, the MTBF of the EPS machine is superimposed by MTBF of most parts, so the overall design of the EPS requires detailed research, analysis, calculating MTBF of most parts, improves the MTBF of weak components, and the overall safety life from EPS The needs of the cycle are configured to configure the safety life cycle of the major components.

“Uncle asked us:” Small reporters, you know how the water is * fresh? “Let me see me, I look at you, I don’t know the answer. Uncle explained:” It is a flowing water * fresh. Because the flowing water can automatically make it more clean during its flow. “Next, Uncle gave us a video. The video said that” 石石 “can make the thin water in the sewage, making clean water more pure. It seems that a small ‘饭Stone ‘skill is really big. After *, uncle once again called for everyone: “Water is the resources of human beings, and each of us has a responsibility to protect the water source, cherish the water source, and love the water source.

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Introduction to the emergency power supply valve controlled lead-acid battery life

Depth discharge, periodically depth discharge is the main measures for the necessary maintenance of the battery, although the lead-acid battery does not have memory, the battery is maintenance, but it is not to maintain, this is a misunderstanding, depth discharge can increase the activity of the battery. It is a great role in improving the capacity of the battery.

The reason for physical damage, physical damage is generally not known by consumers, and its severity is very terrible. Physical damage is necrosis of polar corrosion, falling off, and breakage caused battery cells, not repaired. This situation is generally liquid There are many types of battery, due to the precursor of charging, the concentration of liquid is increased, and the plates of the top end of the plate do not have a liquid circulation, and the phenomenon of corrosion falling off. If it is not added, it will break, so There are many phenomena, and the dryness will happen.

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