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DC screen uses 2V300AH battery life factors

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DC screen uses 2V300AH battery life factorsQuestion 3: For the study of the metal lithium negative electrode, everyone has many different evaluation criteria (such as human carbonate electrolyte, some human electrolytic solutions, and someone else contains a lot of salt and solvent Electrolytic solution, some people use the LICU battery efficiency, some people have a very high current density of high-density with LILI symmetrical batteries). So, can you introduce which performance indicators should be described from the perspective of practical applications?

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The Huizhong lithium battery has a high-spirited characteristics of the discharge platform, high safety, long life, and excellent low temperature performance.

SAR A: Study the performance of lithium in carbonate electrolyte or ether electrolyte is valuable, because different positive electrode systems can use different types of electrolyte. Ether electrolytic liquid anti-reducing reducing reducing, but not oxidation, suitable for battery systems that do not exceed 3.0V (for metal lithium negative electrode), such as lithium / sulfur. The carbonate electrolyte anti-reducing ability is strong, but the forward electrochemical window is wide, suitable for battery systems with a positive electrode potential over 3.0V (negative metal negative electrode), such as most lithium-ion battery positive. However, from the actual application point of view, two problems must be solved in any electrolyte: lithium branch growth and low circulation 库 效 efficiency. Most of the current work is concentrated in inhibiting lithium branches, in fact, solving metal lithium negative low cycle Culen efficiency issues is equally important. The low efficiency of Kurun means that each lithium negative part of the lithium negative is turned to death. To meet the cycle life of the battery, the lithium negative is excessive when designing. The lower the efficiency, the greater the lithium negative excess is necessary. For a simple example, if the cycle of the lithium negative is only 99%, the capacity available after 100 weeks later is only 0.99 ^ 100 = 36.6%. If the lithium negative electrode can be circulated for 1000 weeks, the cycle of the lithium negative electrode must reach more than 99.9%, which is very difficult to imagine an indicator. From the perspective of studying the efficiency of lithium negative circulation Kuro, LI / CU battery is objective than Li / Li symmetrical batteries. In fact, the Li / Li symmetrical battery does not reflect the high low efficiency of lithium negative circulation Kuro.
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