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DC screen with 12V120AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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DC screen with 12V120AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersSafety introduction of rapid charging of lithium batteries
Of course, for consumers, the question concerning is: mobile phone charging speed penetration, mobile phone and battery will not charge the burning or even explosion? In fact, mobile phone battery development is not as slow, according to the current development of mobile phone batteries, safe charging current is 1C, and the new battery is currently supported to 1.5C, even 2C charging capabilities.

What is the concept of 1C? For example, a 3000mAH is resistant to the current large 1C, and its charging current does not exceed 3A. Now the 2C battery has also begun to apply, so it is not necessary to worry that this demand is extremely strong in industry evolution.

As far as the current situation, the upper limit of the charging current of the mobile phone battery is usually not a bottleneck of mobile phone charging speed. Whether it is QC or MTK PEP technology, charging power is completely within the band of the battery. It can be said that within the normal life of the mobile phone, the fast charging technology will not have any effects at all.

And the rated value of the battery charging current is set in the mobile phone motherboard, the mobile phone is not a fool, and the emergency will be automatically adjusted; not to mention the speed of charging speed, the higher the positioning of the mobile phone, the smaller material Ok, the more security measures are in place, the more it is not easy.



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