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DC screen with 12V24AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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DC screen with 12V24AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersIn the electric bicycle and small household car market, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are in applications because they have interoperable comparative advantages, lithium batteries have electrical properties and convenient advantages, while lead-acid batteries have safety and cost advantages. The performance of these two types of batteries in other applications is also true.

1: Nominal voltage different lead-acid battery monomer nominal voltages: 2.0V lithium electric monomer nominal voltage: 3.6V

2: Internal material, different lead-acid batteries, positive and negative, extremely grease, metal lead, electrolyte 正 正 正 负 极 为 为 为 为 负 负 负 正 正 正 正 正

3: Energy different lead-acid batteries 30WH / kg lithium battery 150WH / kg

4: Different lead-acid batteries: car start, electric car battery lithium battery: mobile phone, computer, power tool, now also used in electric vehicle batteries

5: Different lead-acid batteries of electrical characteristics cannot be high current, life life, short lithium battery can discharge high current, good life.

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Everything about the two, the source is based on the properties of the material, the positive and negative electrode material of the lead-acid battery is the lead, metal lead, concentrated sulfuric acid; the lithium ion battery has four components: positive electrode (lithium cobaltate / manganese Sketium / lithium iron phosphate / triple), negative electrode graphite, diaphragm and electrolyte, thereby leading to different mainly:

1, the nominal voltage is different: the monomer lead-acid battery 2.0V, monomer lithium battery 3.6V;

2, the energy density is different: the lead-acid battery 30Wh / kg, lithium battery 110WH / kg;

3, the life expectancy is different, the lead-acid battery is 300-500 times, the lithium battery is more than a thousand times, from the two mainstream technology routes of lithium battery bicycles, the three-dimensional battery and the lithium iron phosphate battery are also relatively large. The three-dimensional lithium battery discharge life is 1000 times, and the life of the lithium iron phosphate can reach 2000 times;

4, charging method: lithium battery uses a limiting limit method, that is, a limit for a limit on current and voltage, and a more charging method of lead-acid batteries, and choosing to be: constant current charging method, constant Pressure charge method, stage and other flow charge and floating charge, can not be described.

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