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DC screen with 12V26AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

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DC screen with 12V26AH polymer lithium battery performance parametersApplication of high-efficiency chemical pre-lithiumdiation in high-grade energy lithium ion battery:

It is well known that the construction of high energy density lithium-ion battery systems requires high capacity and low voltage negative electrode materials such as Si negative electrode and SN negative electrode, but these negative electrode materials have huge volume expansion during the lithiation process. Volume expansion results in excess lithium ion consumption, resulting in unfavorable non-reversible capacity and lower prior weeks of the whole battery. In recent years, Professor A Xinping has newly developed a simple and efficient chemical pre-lithiumdiation method to prepare lithium positive and negative electrode materials before the electrochemical cycle to compensate for the LI consumed by the SEI film formation. Kurlen efficiency [6]. For positive electrode materials such as sulfide polyacrylonitrile (S-PAN) without Li, pre-lithiuming treatment can make it chance to match the lithium negative electrode to all batteries, and avoid the use of metal lithium negative faces. Waiting for a tricky problem.

Figure 4 Schematic diagram of chemical pre-lithium Li2S-Si full battery

In 2019, Professor A Xinping reported their first research results in high-proportional lithium-ion battery construction on ACS Energy Letters. They used naphthalene solution to the S-PAN positive electrode to make it a Li2S-PAN positive electrode, and the Si negative electrode is partially pre-lithianted, and the two electrode matches the energy density of 710Wh / kg. Li2S-Si full battery. This high-grade energy-wide battery work is mainly provided by the full pre-lithium-based positive electrode, and the result of the Si negative electrode portion is the result of reducing the capacity loss caused by the first week SEI film. The first week of the Li2S-Si all-battery Kurun is 93.45%, and the cycle stability and magnification performance are also excellent. The naphthalene solution as the advantage of the chemical pre-lithiumdiated reagent is its stability and temperature, and the conjugated aromatic ring can * exactly stabilize the lithical radicals of lithical radicals than the conventional n-butyl lithium pre-lithium chemical agent. Exposure is also very safe under air conditions. Compared with the industrial commonly used lithium powder supplement, the liquid pre-lithium compound reagent can make the extent to which the electrode material is internally pre-lithium.
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