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DC screen with 12V300AHSLA seal battery capacity detection method

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DC screen with 12V300AHSLA seal battery capacity detection methodQuestion 4: You use the PTC effect to make a lot of important work in the field of lithium-ion battery safety. Here we want to ask, is this reaction? Or, is there possible to use the reversible PTC effect or the similar effect, when the temperature is too high, the temperature falls back to the battery again after the temperature is lowered? (After all, the power lithium-ion battery is still higher in the cost of the vehicle)

STR: The current result is irreversible. Once the PTC works, the battery will be expired forever. Now we are moving towards the direction you said, hoping to develop a reversible PTC material to achieve reversible heat protection of the battery. We have made certain progress in recent days, approximately 5 can be reversed, but the research still needs further deepening.

Huizhong solar street tissue battery has a long life, low temperature performance, easy maintenance, long use time, and so on.

Question 5: I would like to ask the teacher, the solid phase conversion mechanism is compared with the traditional dissolution-deposition mechanism, although fundamentally inhibits the shuttle effect of the polysulfide, the nature of its solid phase react will not respond to the entire battery. Advancing an adverse effect? That is, it will not increase the electrochemical polarization of the battery due to the stagnation of the solid phase reaction, and the magnification performance is deteriorated or even meet the actual application needs?

STR: The questions you mention are very professional. At present, the solid phase conversion mechanism of * big problem is polarized, and the multiplier performance is poor. The main reason is two: 1, the sulfur surface passivation film is thicker, and the conductive properties of lithium are poor; 2, carbon surface The sulfur is thicker, and the electrode electron conductance is low. The above problems can be solved in a certain extent by regulating the electrolyte composition and electrode structure, and we are currently working in this regard. Overall, our current research is still in the basic research stage, and it will not talk about practical applications.
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