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DC screen with 2V200AHGEL colloidal battery cost accounting and price

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DC screen with 2V200AHGEL colloidal battery cost accounting and priceGenerally, the owner will have the battery used to boast 10ah’s battery pack. They can run to 50-60 km.

Under normal circumstances, 10AH battery pack is placed on a motor having a power of 350W, and its discharge current is about 7.3A, and its discharge time is 10ah / 7.3a = 1.37 h, and the motor vehicle speed of 350W is 30km / h, so it Travel distance

1.37 * 30 = 41.1km, so consumers will think that the performance of the battery is not good, in fact, the seller is boasting.

Wuxi Huizhong is a company specializing in the production of OPZS tube-type batteries. The OPZS model is complete, the price is low, the quality is good, the after-sales service is timely, and the delivery is timely.
A03 Edition August 31, our province received a total of 174 cases received by the Central Environmental Protection Insugation Team. Among them, 42 key cases. 79 in Changchun (7 key cases), 28 in Jilin City (13 key cases), 6 pieces of four (2 key cases), 12 in Liaoyuan City (3 key cases), 3 pieces of Tonghua City (focus 1 case in cases, 8 pieces of Baishan City (2 key cases), 10 pieces of Songyuan City (6 key cases), 7 pieces of white cities (2 key cases), 8 pieces of Yanbei (3 cases in key cases), plum 2 pieces of Hekou, 10 in Gongzhuling (2 key cases).

Factors affecting the tram running:

Load weight of the car

2. The flatness of the road

3. Environment (temperature and humidity) used by tram

4. Users brakes

5. The size of the wheel (the power is the same, the speed is the same, the faster the wheel is, so the distance running)

6. Users control the speed of tram


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