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Does the size of the charging voltage have an impact on the amount of electricity?

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Does the size of the charging voltage have an impact on the amount of electricity?Usually we will think that the size of the voltage during charging will affect the shallow battery, the voltage is large, and the voltage is small. Is the truth really?
Put water in the sink, then put the battery in the water, in the battery is full of water, the battery is placed in the water, there is a buckled funnel that collects the gas above the battery, and the top of the funnel is equipped with an injection needle that can meter gas capacity. cylinder. The charge current and charging voltage are measured with two four-bit digital multimeter.

The experimental water temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius, and the 12A current is charged with 2A current. The charging voltage is performed in one by 26V, 27V, 28V cycle, and the floating conversion current is 200mA, and the charging time is recorded, including the end of the charging of the charge with time. Data, start detiating gas voltages, and records the quantity at time.


After the battery is finished, the discharge capacity is recorded with a very precision. The charge is charged to read the area between the time current curve and the coordinates on the calculation paper.

The reason for choosing the underwater environment is because the amount of electricity charged in this environment is not much different from the amount of power in this environment, and it is more advantageous to get close to accurate data. The experimental data proves that the fact that the charging voltage and the charge of the charge are not related.


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