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Effect of electrode materials on lithium ion battery

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Effect of electrode materials on lithium ion batteryWhile electrode material is a prerequisite for determining the specific capacity of lithium ion battery, the electrolyte is also largely influentially affects the reversible capacity of the electrode material, because the electrode material is embedded, the dethoxy process and the cycle process are always interact with the electrolyte. Process, this interaction has an important impact on the interfacial condition of the electrode material and the changes in the internal structure.

During the lithium ion battery, in addition to the lithium ion embedance, in addition to the gasification reduction reaction of the positive and negative electrode, there is a large number of side reactions, such as oxidation and reduction of electrolyte in positive and negative surfaces, electrodes The expression of the active material is passivated, the interface impedance between the electrode and the electrolyte interface is high, and these factors affect the embedded and de-lithium capacity of the electrode material varying degrees. Therefore, some electrolyte systems can show the electrode material to exhibit excellent embedding. Lithium capacity, while some electrolyte systems have great destructive electrode materials, we refer to this interaction between electrolytes and electrode materials to compatibility, compatible with two materials of electrolyte materials and positive negative electrodes. Several compatibility.

The compatibility problem of organic liquid electrolyte and lithium ion battery electrode material is most prominent, and the electrochemical properties such as organic liquid electrolyte, electrochemical stability, thermal stability, etc. have an important effect on electrochemical properties of electrode materials. 


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