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Electric bicycle 12V20AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Electric bicycle 12V20AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodIn fact, the winter electric car battery is not normal, and in addition, there are many things about the battery that need to be careful, understanding the characteristics of the battery to better maintain your car, extend its life.

Below is a common problem that the industry’s senior maintenance workers are organized, and hurry to see what you don’t understand!

Question 1: What is the reason for the new electric car?
1, motor. This will be thought of first. The power consumption is large, such as the motor deadstream.
2, the controller. For example, after a period of parameter drift, it is not far from the new electric car, which is not far away.
3, mechanical resistance problem. Such as low tires, bearings, brakes, etc.
4, the charger is inadequate.
5. The problem of the battery itself and the temperature difference.
6, line. The line problem belongs to a soft fault, and the components have no problems, but the resistance is generated during the connection, and the resistance has a partial pressure, and the larger the current, the greater the voltage. The new battery is turned off. This problem is very common, and the ten eight nine of the run is not far.

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Question 2: The line problem leads to a large resistance, what is the problem?
1. Controller and battery connector, plug in the motor: Good connector gold plated silver, generally copper or copper plating, the difference is iron. Time will oxidize and generate contact resistance. When the big current is passed, it will heat it, and it will be burned in severe cases.
2, fuse. The contact is not good. The clip is not tight, and the pressure is not true.
3, the electric lock switch is connected to the main circuit.
4, battery solder joint domain.
5, the battery cable is too thin, or it is not copper wire. The wire is not good.
6, the wrong line. For example, the controller fine red line pool.
7, battery case output port or contact adverse contact. 


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