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Electric bicycle 12V250AH ternary lithium battery production process

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Electric bicycle 12V250AH ternary lithium battery production processLithium lithium iron phosphate battery * new charging method
As mentioned earlier, the current increase is bound to cause the Micro USB interface and data cable to be unbearable. In fact, the new USB Type C interface is to change this problem.

The number of contacts in the Type C interface is several times the Micro USB interface, which makes it able to withstand the intensity of the current increased; the TYPE C adds to each other, which can define themselves into a charger or a power receiving device. In other words, USB Type C naturally supports fast charge, and USB Type C loss is smaller under the same current, and two-way charge can be supported.

So use USB Type C without support fast charge, such as plus 2, only 5V simplified 2333; fingerprint recognition – the FPC public version of the capacitive application does not say, visualize the fever of fast charge and The cost is also indifferent, and I will save money directly, then Blabla is too long ..

For Type C, Type C’s ideas is also drunk.

Huizhong brand battery after-sales service contact: after-sales service phone: 0510-81813146 025-56612958 official website:

After the study of the Dihui Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Sun Bin, the captain of the Dehui City Environmental Monitoring Brigade, gave a criticized criticism, and the deputy team Chang Hui Dong, the captain of the team captain Sun Yanlong, the Economic Development Zone Management Committee Environmental Supervision Supervision Supervision Supervision Supervision (Environmental Science “Song Guoxia Party warning within the party. Case 5: Sludge Pollution in Tianbei Town, Jilin City August 23, 2017 On the mountain forest land, the sludge of Jilin Sludge treatment plant (containing tattooed oil) directly loaded into the mountain, resulting in a cultivated land in the mountains, and pollutes the soil environment; Some people have flowed into the farmland for blocking sludge oil, and a new dam is new.
In the current point, the measured charging peak power of the mainstream mobile phone is shown in the figure below.

It can be seen that although Xiaomi is a domestic manufacturer of QC 2.0, but the parameters of 9V 1.2A have no advantage over 5V 2A, even because the trickle charging time is too long, the charging efficiency is hit by 5V 2A,

“Fast charge is not fast” is also a more funny thing; until the Xiaomi Note is released to 1.5A.

The Meizu started from the MX 5 equipped with PEP fast charge, and the MX5’s 9V 1.8A is already violent. I didn’t expectation to go directly to 12V 2A .. The power is raised to 20W to really reflect the practical value of fast charge.

“Opinions” clearly, in the future, Nanjing will not bily batch new chemical parks, and will complete the chemical industry ‘to transfer a group, upgrade a batch, restructuring a batch of work in 2020. Among them, the ‘work of the Chemical Enterprise will be completed before 2018. According to the comment, by 2020, Nanjing strive to enter the garden of chemical production companies to more than 80%. The total amount of the main pollutant emission indicators in the city’s chemical industry is controlled and decreasing year by year. Compared with 2015, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organics are reduced by more than 20%, chemically demand oxygen, ammonia nitrogen separately, 14%, respectively. 16%, the cleaning production rate of chemical production enterprises is 100%, and the standardization rate of the second-level safety production of hazardous chemicals enterprises is 100%, and the city’s chemical industry is fully achieving sustainable development.


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