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Electric bicycle 12V300AH three yuan lithium battery production process

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Electric bicycle 12V300AH three yuan lithium battery production processLithium battery capacity unit

When the capacity unit of the lithium battery is mAh, time, time, WW.

Use compliance: MAH (MAH); safety AH (AH); Watt Wan WH.

The physical meaning of the popular point of battery capacity means that the battery can accommodate or release how much charge, we often use AH (MAH) or MAH (mA).

According to the definition of the current: I = q / t, the MA (mA), T represents when Q = IT, the current I is measured, and the unit HOUR (time), so our battery capacity unit is MAH.

That is to say, if a battery capacity represents 1000 mAh, if he works 100 mA, it is theoretically to supply 10 hours.

However, from the formula we can see Q = IT, and does not involve the voltage, so this unit can only explain how many coulons can be accommodated inside. But you can’t explain how much the battery can do, and how much the battery available * is available. Working voltages of different types of products are different. So we have often seen a number in the WH in MAH. Battery can do W = UIT = UIT = UIT = UI, the unit of the voltage U * current I is W (watt), so WH in the battery is represented by WH, which indicates how much the battery can do.

2, Huizhong battery capacity calculation

Battery capacity (c) calculation method: capacity C = discharge battery (constant current) IX discharge time (hour) T reverse: discharge time t = capacity C / discharge current (constant current) i, such as a battery 500mA (mA The constant current is 2 hours, then the capacity of this battery is equal to 500 mA * 2H = 1000mAh = 1ah, and then the current is placed in a battery for 2 hours, then the capacity of the battery is 10ah.

3, battery capacity and power conversion

From the unit to the unit Watt (W), from P = Ui, 1W = 1V.a (a tile equal to a volt-action) battery capacity MA.H (mA time) significantly these two parts are different.

To find a relationship:

Electrical energy power unit Joule (J) by w = Pt: 1.j = 1W.S = 1V.AS (a focus equal to a voltane) If the battery is known, use the voltage by the voltage to take a battery capacity. What did you get: Unit VMAH is actually the same as the unit of electricity, translation: = 1V * 10 ^ -3a * 3600S = 3.6V.a.s = 3.6.7

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