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Electric bicycle 12V45A sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Electric bicycle 12V45A sealing maintenance battery charging methodTesla’s bitterness and demand for this

At the beginning of the development of electric vehicles in Tesla, there was no battery in the market. Tesra chose to cooperate with the original production of consumer electronics batteries, while the consumer electronics battery production at the time. Mainly a cylindrical battery. Tesla has also achieved fruitful results through the deep cooperation with Panasonic Battery, and has also adhered to the cylindrical battery technology route. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the rapid advancement of technology is gradually recognized in the field of electric vehicle applications and becomes mainstream.

A few days ago, at the fourth quarter of Tesla 2019, Mask’s direct words “Import mode cost is huge, and can even be said to be ‘Silly (very stupid)’.” As early as the beginning of this year, Tesla said that the Chinese factory is planning to purchase more localized parts to reduce costs, thereby reducing parts import to avoid tariff costs. “At present, the localization rate of parts is 30%, expected to the end 100% localization will be achieved. “Ningde Times as China’s power battery boss, although the battery technology route is different from Tesla, but Tesla is still listed as a cooperation object.



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