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Electric bicycle 6V7AH ternary lithium battery production process

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Electric bicycle 6V7AH ternary lithium battery production processFuture: Technical Acceleration Iteration

Although now, it is still dominated by three yuan lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, but in order to solve the contradiction between safety and high energy density, various power battery enterprise technology is accelerating iteration, forming the technology of “100 pairs, hundred flowers” Routes, including fuel cells, solid batteries, graphene batteries, and air batteries.

In the forum, many power battery companies have launched a “debate” that they are not convinced, and there are more hydrogen fuel batteries and solid batteries on site.

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The hydrogen fuel cell is a representative of true “zero carbon emissions”, there are many embarrassment, and the founder of Mingtian HydroTC Co., Ltd. is one of the chairmen. He said that the development of hydrogen fuel batteries in China and global is accelerating, and the relevant infrastructure is also in the process in an oxual process. “In recent years, global fuel cell shipments have grown significantly, and this year is expected to exceed 650MW. Domestic fuel cell vehicles have reached 1317 in June – September 2019, although the base is small, but the same period is 7.7 times higher than the previous year, expected 2019 The annual fuel battery shipments will reach 70MW. “

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However, many companies turn their attention to solid state batteries due to the risk of hydrogen liquid hydrogen liquid hydrogen liquid hydrogen. However, experts who are familiar with solid state batteries said to the International Financial News reporter that solid-state batteries still prevent the polymer composite solid electrolyte membranes that completely prevent lithium derivatives, have not broken, and the solid electrolyte layer and the electrode layer have a large resistance, and lithium deposition Substation and topography is not easy to control, the manufacturing process and equipment of high-speed high-efficiency full solid state batteries are not mature, and the pure metal lithium electrodes have a large volume change, but these issues may find solutions within 3 years, 5 Take a small test within the year, 8 years into large-scale application.

“We must respond to the requirements of the central environmental inspection team, and must respond to a satisfactory answer to the employees.” At 10 am on August 16th, the 12th Master Environmental Protection Inspector team received the supervision group of the military group After the masses of the office complained about the case, he immediately rushed to the Sanping Farm. “This problem is more difficult, because the problem involves winter heating in the community, we are actively negotiating resolution.” The Standing Committee of the Sanping Farm Party Committee after the notice, the deputy director Hou Baosheng took contact with the community developers. And convey him the mass complaint and related environmental protection laws and regulations. Two hours later, 10 workers and a large lifting equipment reached the designated location and immediately removed the boiler.

“Future new energy cars are mainstream, electricization is an inevitable trend, but not only electricity represents new energy, the next 5 to 10 years, may be multi-supply energy structure, fuel cell, pure electric, hybrid, plugging It will be a combination of new energy sources. “The general manager of the new energy vehicle technology innovation center is said.

Huizhong – Huizhong brand OPZV tube colloidal battery main components: Polar material 1 # Electrolysis lead, separator is an imported partition for the United States, colloid is German import colloid.

“In 2019, it has neared end, looking forward to the development of this year’s power battery market, there are companies to choose to quit, and the other part will continue to stick to it. I think it is worthy of respect.” Yu Qinggui said that the company is high Quality development, “The remainder”, “winner”, successful enterprises that have developed transitional adjustments during new energy vehicles will be expected to share the bonus brought by the market growth.



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