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Electric forklift battery capacity notes

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Electric forklift battery capacity notesThe electric forklift battery is based on capacity, the greater the capacity, the higher the price, the calculation of different orchards of different groups is also the factors affecting factors, and the capacity is determined, and it also affects the depth discharge of the battery itself. We generally say that the capacity of the forklift battery is sufficient to discharge the amount of electricity that can be discharged, expressed by the product of the discharge current and the discharge time.

For example, a battery nominal C5 capacity is 400A ¡¤ h, indicating that the battery is filled with electricity, and if the current is discharged at a current of 80A, the time that the single voltage dropped to 1.7 V, the test should be 5 h. Therefore, the larger the capacity of the battery, the larger the amount of electricity that can be stored, the longer the discharge time, the capacity difference refers to the difference between the capacity between the two batteries, the calculation method is the battery A and the battery B, the capacity difference = AB) / B Of course, the capacity of A is larger than B, and the capacity difference between 2 batteries is Recommend:

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