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Electric forklift should be divided into several major classes according to the environment

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Electric forklift should be divided into several major classes according to the environmentElectric front shift forklift

The lifting tissue of the front movement forklift can move before and after the forklift. Fork delivery. The focus of the goods fall within four fulcrums composed of wheels. Thus, the forward-transfer forklift has better sensitivity, security, and stability. Its load scale is usually 1-2.5 tons, and the lifting height is 12 meters. But because the wheel is small. After sexuality, because of the tectonic mess, the capital is higher, it is suitable for intervals of space narrow and high-level requests, and is used for high-rise warehouses.

Four-way electric forklift

Four-way electric forklift set forward shifted forklift, side fork, balanced and balanced forklifts for integral. Like the front shift forklift, the door frame is located between the front and rear wheels. There are two legs extending in front of the car, and the front end of the leg is supported, and the goods can be used. Move before and after the forklift. When the fork is unloaded, the fork extends, and the fork unloading goods returned to the central orientation of near the vehicle body, so the stability of the forklift is greatly improved. Different from the front-shift forklift in that the two load wheels in the front end of the four-way electric forklift can be rotated by 90 ¡ã, when the rear wheel is turned 90 ¡ã, all the forklifts can go to the situation in the early years. Putting travel, equivalent to a side fork, and thus the adaptation of a narrow passage is transferred. Small channel width is usually within 2 meters. But because of the messy structure, the capital is higher.

Universal electric forklift

The universal electric forklift can travel, in addition to the primary characteristics of balance heavy forklifts, three wheels can travel in one direction, so that the model turned to be sensitive. After the fork is taken, it can be constrained according to the place. Steering, moving forklift in each direction. The model has treated the steering doubts of the long material in a narrow space, which greatly saves space and can complete the trains and car compartments and disassemble.

VNA narrow channel forklift

The primary characteristic of the VNA narrow channel forklift is that the gantry tissue can do three-way rotation, and the body does not need to scroll when the stack is stacked, and only rolling or the door frame. Therefore, the channel width request is greatly reduced. The small channel is now below 1.8 meters. But at the same time, the channel width depends on the giant of the tray. For example, the channel width cannot be reduced when transferring long-fashioned goods. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of the lateral stack, the weight of the desired machine is much larger than that of the three piles, balanced electric forklifts, and thus the economics is slightly poo 


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