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Electric patrol car battery consumes too fast

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Electric patrol car battery consumes too fastThe police electric patrol car often uses a short battery life, and the power consumption is too fast. It cannot achieve normal use, however, what is the reason for electric patrol cars, battery power consumption?

Police electric patrol car, found that the battery is used very quickly when performing the task, one day may be charged twice, the car’s lighting light is easy to burn, it is more hot when you touch the engine, this is the current of the generator. Resulting in great cause.

In order to prove that the above statement is correct, we can do an experiment, connect the current table between the circuit of the electric patrol car, and test the voltage of 12V of the battery. Start the generator, the current table is only the current at 10A. If the light is not opened, the driving 2 ≈ 3H, the current table indication has been greater than 5A, so that the charging current can be too large.

Check the outer line of the car to ensure that there is no short circuit, so it will explain the problem of the regulator.

Electric patrol cars must be maintained for the battery periodically, so that the battery life can be increased, these are the causes of the police electric patrol cart consumption.

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