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Electric stroller 12V18AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Electric stroller 12V18AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodHow to use the battery correctly: Most batteries usually have a flight temperature range for you to follow. In many cases, due to internal batteries, unmanned aircraft may crash and catch fire. Remember, never exceed the temperature range, don’t exhaust the battery too quickly. In order to keep the battery’s long life, keep it within the flight. For example, DJI recommends maintaining a range at 10 ¡ã C to 40 ¡ã C. Also, do not discharge the battery too fast, otherwise it may cause danger, especially when running at full speed.

Check the battery: It is important to check the battery before and after use. If there is, find signs of damage or expansion; then process the battery. However, there may be inside damage that may not be seen. Therefore, * Good use of analyzers such as Hobbyking HK-010 to view the battery reading and detect any problems. The battery should be balanced at the voltage thereof, and if the balance difference between the battery is 0.1V or higher, they may actually be weak and more effective in charging.



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