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Electric stroller 12V20AH lead-acid battery technology information

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Electric stroller 12V20AH lead-acid battery technology informationThree-yuan lithium battery charging science
For mobile phones with Quick Charge 2.0 or MTK PEP fast charge, not only current is adaptive, and the voltage is also adaptive. What do you mean, such as MX 5 / glory 7, pro test the unstable voltage of 6 to 7V, or charging the phone, the circuit of the phone will automatically adapt and perform current conversion.

So we discovered a very fun thing. If your phone (such as glory 7) uses a private protocol to perform 9V or more high voltage charging, the exclusive charger is very expensive or scarce, then directly TB gets a high voltage Charger (voltage is within the scope of mobile phone, such as the 9V power supply of the router), transformation or transfer a micro – USB port, plug directly to the strong X charging on the phone ~~

Because the mobile phone can adapt to the current voltage, this matter is not too much danger .. As long as your charger is the formal manufacturer’s production. Of course, if you don’t understand, you still don’t recommend this.

Next, we talk about another technical route of the fast charge, it’s right, that is the OPPO’s VOOC flashing.

The previous referred to high voltage charging technology is because the current exceeds 2A hardware; then OPPO thinks about a simple and rude approach: from the head to the tail to retrore hardware!



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