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Electric stroller 12V26AH three-yuan lithium battery production process

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Electric stroller 12V26AH three-yuan lithium battery production processUnder the support of national policies, China’s lithium industry has achieved excellent results in recent years. According to the Dynamic Battery Application Branch, China’s power battery installed data shows that China’s power battery installed capacity is about 62.2 gWh in 2019, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year. The top ten power battery installed volumes were 54.64GWH, and the concentration was further improved, accounting as high as 87.9%, and the total amount of installed installed in 2018 increased by 5%. In this era of talented people in this Jiangshan, Ningde Times is unique, occupying lithium-electric half-Wan Jiangshan smile, defending the global power battery sales champion throne. BYD and Guoxuan’s high school are ranked 10.76 gWh, 3.31 GWH installed, ranking second, third, “copy” in 2018. What happened to the industry in the top ten companies this year?

Wuxi Huizhong is a company specializing in the production of OPZS tube-type batteries. The OPZS model is complete, the price is low, the quality is good, the after-sales service is timely, and the delivery is timely.
Yi Lithium can be established: 2001 billion lithium can be a national high-tech enterprise, which has been focusing on the innovation and development of lithium batteries. After nearly nineteen years of cultivation, Yi Lithium lithium-energy lithium-sub-battery sells worldwide, and lithium-organized batteries occupy an important position in the domestic market. Yi Qi lithium can customers across passenger cars, commercial vehicles, etc., Daimler, land-based boat, Hezhong’s new energy and Nanjing Jinlong, Dongfeng Auto, etc. are its customers. As of 2019, Yi Lithium can have 1260 national patents, 4 times awarded the “China Patent Excellence Award” granted by the National Intellectual Property Office (a publicity), 2 times award “Guangdong Science and Technology Awards First Award” In 2019, I won the China Light Industry “Science and Technology Invention First Award”.


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