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Electric stroller 12V33AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Electric stroller 12V33AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodFuture: Technical Acceleration Iteration

Although now, it is still dominated by three yuan lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, but in order to solve the contradiction between safety and high energy density, various power battery enterprise technology is accelerating iteration, forming the technology of “100 pairs, hundred flowers” Routes, including fuel cells, solid batteries, graphene batteries, and air batteries.

In the forum, many power battery companies have launched a “debate” that they are not convinced, and there are more hydrogen fuel batteries and solid batteries on site.

The hydrogen fuel cell is a representative of true “zero carbon emissions”, there are many embarrassment, and the founder of Mingtian HydroTC Co., Ltd. is one of the chairmen. He said that the development of hydrogen fuel batteries in China and global is accelerating, and the relevant infrastructure is also in the process in an oxual process. “In recent years, global fuel cell shipments have grown significantly, and this year is expected to exceed 650MW. Domestic fuel cell vehicles have reached 1317 in June – September 2019, although the base is small, but the same period is 7.7 times higher than the previous year, expected 2019 The annual fuel battery shipments will reach 70MW. “



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