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Electric stroller 12V55AH phosphate battery material and equipment introduction

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Electric stroller 12V55AH phosphate battery material and equipment introductionTwo maintenance methods

Battery for cars will be used for more than 2 years, and capacity and discharge capabilities will decline. The general car battery life will not exceed 4 years. Of course, the life of a good battery will be longer. Let’s take a look at the maintenance method of water-type lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.

Maintenance-free lead-acid battery

Quote: Regularly check the magic eye and keep the power sufficient.

Due to the maintenance-free battery, there is no water hole and the battery fluid level scale. We need to judge the status of the battery through the “Magic Eye” on the battery. The eye is green to indicate the battery is normal, charging foot; the magic eye is black indicating that it is necessary to charge; the eye is white to indicate that the battery needs to be replaced.

In addition, we generally use a voltmeter to check the battery voltage, although the voltage value of the battery can be detected but cannot check the capacity of the battery with load capacity. To check the actual situation of the battery, we should use a dedicated battery detector to check the battery’s discharge capacity and the capacity of load.

Water-based lead-acid battery

Pay attention to: battery fluid level and battery fluid density

The battery fluid of the lead-acid battery is made of sulfuric acid and distilled water. When the battery is discharged, the water will increase and the sulfuric acid will increase, which results in a decrease in the density of the battery fluid; when charging, the water will increase, and the sulfuric acid will change. The concentration of the battery reflects the ratio of water and sulfuric acid in the battery fluid. Normal electrolyte density is 1.28 (summer) / 1.29-1.30 (winter) (in the unit is gram per cubic centimeter).

As a owner, we should regularly check the liquid level. When the battery fluid is insufficient, distilled water should be added to a suitable level. After adding distilled water to the battery, we should check the battery fluid density, and keep the battery fluid density within a reasonable range.

Huizhong battery big precautions

1. The electrode terminal of the battery is where the season is prone to problems, so pay attention to check at any time. Check that the circuits have no aging or short circuits. Prevent batteries from retreat in advance because of over-discharge. If there is a green oxide at the electrode wiring, it is necessary to remember that the boiling water is rushed away. If these green oxides are not cleared, it will cause the generator’s power generation, so that the battery is in a loss, it will cause a battery when it is serious. Early scrap, or can’t do it. After rushing by boiling water, use compressed air to dry water, then spray the dedicated protective agent to prevent the oxide layer from appearing again.

2. The ignition system maintenance is about whether the vehicle can start, so it should be carefully examined to see if it is rust. Once rust, you should use a professional cleaning agent. In addition, the maintenance of the spark plug cannot be dropped light.


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