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Electric stroller 12V65AH battery life factors

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Electric stroller 12V65AH battery life factorsMisunderstanding in China EPS market
EPS is a rear-standing UPS
From the definition of IEC, the backup UPS is normal, supplied from the city to the market, and when the electricity fails, the battery pack provides energy, and power is powered by the inverter. The EPS is functionally conform to the above-described backup UPS definitions. However, saying that EPS is a backup UPS, this statement is not scientific, and it is interested in unintentional importance of EPS. Let me know that the commonly used backup UPS is a small power range, which is mostly a PC. Due to the non-focus of protection, the market demand is large, the technical content is low, the price is fierce, and there are many counterfeit goods. IT industry outside.
EPS is the emergency power supply and the focus is in emergency. It is really “raising thousands of days, the use of soldiers”, in order to real emergency, it is important to have a high expected value for the reliability of EPS.

At the same time, we must actively do a good job in the work of the masses. For those who have the demand for burning funeral supplies, we must do good persuasion, convince and guidance, and avoid social security hazards. All levels of civil affairs department should actively cooperate with environmental protection departments, conduct a comprehensive investigation on the operation of funeral (crematorium), funeral service stations, cemetery, etc. in the area, especially for burial service unit facilities, especially incineration, funeral supplies, Vanda If you don’t have environmental standards, you must pay close attention to the local government research to develop rectification measures, replace it as soon as possible, add, equipped with special facilities that meet environmental technical standards. For facilities to achieve environmental protection technology standards, each funeral service unit should take effective measures to use the specified use to play a role in dedicated equipment facilities.



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