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Electric stroller 12V85AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

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Electric stroller 12V85AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodDoes EPS need to change the waste battery often?
At present, the number of batteries equipped with large and medium-sized EPS power supplies, from 3 to 80, and even more. These single batteries constitute a battery pack through a circuit connection to meet the needs of UPS DC power. In the continuous operation of the EPS power supply, due to the difference in performance and quality, individual battery performance has decreased, and the storage capacity is not required to be damaged. When a certain / some batteries in the battery pack are damaged, the maintenance personnel should check each battery to exclude damaged batteries. When replacing new batteries, you should strive to purchase a battery with a model of the same model, prohibiting an anti-acid battery and a sealing battery, a battery of different specifications.


EPS battery function features:
1, lead-free multi-unit metal grid, high-profile electrode plate: large capacity, self-discharge, small depression, long life.
2, lead tin multi-unit gold bus roset: small internal resistance, corrosion resistance, can withstand long-term floating trial.
3 Advanced ACM barrier: Try to absorb the electrolyte, do not leave free liquid, and smoothly complete the gas cathode absorption.
4, ABS engineering plastic shell: firm, aging.
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5, silicon flu flu flu flu fluoride sealing cap: safety, explosion-proof.
6. Copper-plated silver plating terminal: uninterrupted electric resistance, not rust.
7. Analyze pure electrical analysis: Self-discharge is small. Unique formula: deep discharge recovery performance is good.
8, lead ruthenium terminal: small contact resistance, corrosion resistance, long life.
Like other types of batteries, EPS batteries require regular maintenance, developing good usage habits to extend the life of EPS batteries.
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