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Electric stroller 2V3000AHSLA seal battery capacity detection method

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Electric stroller 2V3000AHSLA seal battery capacity detection methodEPS battery works:
Compared with the diesel engine, the EPS power supply has the advantages of non-pollution, fast switching speed, low maintenance costs, and more popular in fire-fighting power users, EPS power supply has also received more and more extensive applications.
EPS emergency power supplies use single-inverter technology, collective electrical appliances, batteries, inverters, and controllers. Inside the system, battery detection, capacity detection circuit, and fast detection function of power loss are designed. The graph gives the working principle of other major components. Take a certain intelligent emergency power supply as an example, it uses a standby mode.
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The main results are as follows: (1) When the market power is normal, market power is powered by mutual input devices, while marketing power detection and battery charging management, and then powered by the battery pack. Here, the charger is a low-power DC power supply, simply providing a charging current equivalent to the battery pack capacity (AH) 10% to the battery pack, and does not have the ability to supply power to the inverter. At this time, the power supply system consisting of the EPS AC bypass switch and the switch provides power to users of various emergency loads. At the same time, under the control of the EPS logic control board, the inverter stops working in automatic shutdown state. In this case, the load power used by the user is from the grid. Therefore, the EPS emergency power supply is often referred to as a sleep state, which can effectively achieve the energy saving effect.


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