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Electric stroller 2V350AHOPZS tubular battery capacity calculation method

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Electric stroller 2V350AHOPZS tubular battery capacity calculation methodWhat should I pay attention to after replacing the car battery?

The new automotive battery may have insufficient electricity, including the original battery on new cars, which may be 100% power. Therefore, after replacing the new battery, or if you buy a new car, you need to make the engine run time long, so that the battery can be fully charged.

It is known that there is a 4S shop to replace the automotive battery. In addition to the pit in the 4S shop, the battery is also pit; not only the battery price is higher than the commercial sale, but also spends a lot of labor-hour fees. If you can buy it yourself, it is not only relatively cheap, but also saves the next time.

However, it is not difficult to replace the car battery, and the individual believes that the female owner can also complete. The tools that need to be used include a hexagonal sleeve and a “one” font screwdriver (different depending on different models).

The main parameters of Wuxi Huizhong batteries have capacity, rated capacity, voltage, open circuit voltage, charging voltage, termination voltage, power, life, discharge time, charging time

Battery positive and negative disassembly order is quite

When removing the old car battery, it must be in the order of “first-removing the negative re-renewal”, because the body is connected to the battery negative (iron end), if the right is removed first, the screwdriver is possible during the dismantling process. Touch the body, once it is touched, it is equivalent to connecting the battery positive and negative electrode, and it is possible to trigger a short-circuit burning battery. Therefore, it is necessary to “first negative the positive pole”, but in the opposite direction, follow the order of “first positive electrode negative”.

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